Adam Doll
KSP 410
August 31st 2009
MD Interview Report
Performance Expectation d. relate such factors as physical endowment and capabilities, learning, motivation, personality, perception, and behavior to individual development.

Middle School Student Interview Report

    To become an educated teacher it's always great knowing what the kids will be like in the future. Knowing whom your teaching allows you to accommodate and relate to those individuals, which in turn will more than likely enable you to connect with your students at a higher standard. By completing these interviews I'm able to draw some conclusions and ideas that may help me become a more knowledgeable teacher.
    I decided to interview two students so I could see if there were any similarities and differences that could be used to compare students. I interviewed two of the student athletes I coached, both of them being 8th grade girls. One of the girls goes to a small church school and is introverted belonging to a middle class family. The other student athlete is a Hispanic student that goes to the public school in St. James and isn't as fortunate as the previous girl. (For future reference we'll use the church school child as child one and the public school child as child two.) I've worked with both students for many years through camps so both children felt comfortable working with me. I sent child 1 the questions and she completed them via the Internet. I gave child 2 the questions in person and allowed her to ask me questions and I was able to motivate her to use deeper thought to answer the questions. I found interviewing in person allows the interviewer to have control over the situation and continue to pry for more answers.
    I found many interesting findings after analyzing and drawing inferences from the answers to the questions. Looking over the answers to the questions I see that no two answers are the same. I do see that child 1 because of her smaller class size and feeling of comfort with her peers she doesn't feel scared to participate in class. Child 2 refrains from answering question in class because she told me she's scared to get it wrong, as then she feels like she failed. With class sizes over 20, child 2 feels scared to raise her hand and participate. Each child learns in different ways and neither one had matching teaching methods. (Answer to #10)
It's nice to see that both students felt supported, but this won't be the case with all students we must remember. The key thing that I'm taking from these findings is the FACT that no child learns the same. Each child comes from a different home life and is motivated by outlying factors that if we can relate and understand as educators we should try to captivate and use.
    It's been great getting to know these two young girls outside the classroom. As a future educator I feel that teachers should try to connect with all students in some context outside the classroom. Just a small conversation as you walk by a student in the hallway may be enough to lift the child up for the day and give them hope to succeed. After seeing the results from this report I've decided to do something in my future classes. I'd like to prepare a set of questions that I'd pass out at the beginning of the year that will allows me to get to know my students better, which will in turn allow me to teach to their interests. I'll also be able to connect with each child on more of an individual basis and understand where each student is coming from.

(copy of questions and one response)

Interview Questions:

1.    What is your name? 
2.    How old are you?   I am 13 years old

3.    What grade are you in?   8th grade

4.    What motivates you to get up in the morning and go to school?  I get up in the morning to go to school because I like to accomplish things.

5.    Does school make you feel stressed? How can it be stressful?  Sometimes school makes me stressed because I feel like there is too much homework.

6.     As a student athlete what are some of the positives and negatives of being involved with athletics?  Being involved with sports is a good way to forget about homework for a while, but it sometimes gets to be where I can't get my homework done and still play the sport.

7.     What is your favorite subject? Why?  I like History because the answers are straight out.

8.    Do you feel you're supported by your family, peers, community, and teachers to excel in academics and extracurricular activities? Yes I do feel supported.

9.    Explain to me what would be your perfect teacher. (Qualities and Personality)  They would be encouraging, thoughtful, and happy.

10.    What teaching methods do you learn best from? I learn best from seeing something or taking part in it.

11.    Are you comfortable asking questions or volunteering answers in your classes?  If no, why not?  Yes I feel comfortable contributing to the class, but if I did not know the people in my class as well I would not feel as comfortable.